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        1. Hello, Welcome to Dongguan Ya Tong Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. official website!


          SERVICE ITEM

          Facing the country to provide fast genset rental services


          We use "craftsmanship" to build each boutique unit, and serve every customer

          ABOUT US

          Enterprises adhere to the "quality first" and "customer interests first" principle

          Company Profile
          ACTON INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD was first established in Singapore in 1988. After many years of the market development as well as the accumulation of rich experience in maintenance technology, ACTON was registered in HK in 1998 and at the same time establishe
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          PROJECT CASE

          Our professional Generator rental20 years, escort your emergency electricity

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          Thank you to the following customers for their strong support of YaTong for many years

          • TCL Group
          • Foxconn Group
          • Omron Group
          • Poly Real Estate
          • China Railcom
          • China Railway Group
          • CNOOC
          • Samsung Group
          • Master Kong Group

          National Service Hotline:400-1068-669 Contact:Miss Liu
          Address:Dongguan City Zhangmutou Jinhe community Shijie Ling on the 1st

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